LISPR Identity

Identity, printed material and website

Lucite International Speciality Polymers and Resins (LISPR), now Mitsubishi Rayon, aim to design and build optimum performance into their acrylic products, whatever the challenge. The company supply acrylic resins for high-performance applications including Adhesives, Additives & Dispersants, Castings & Embedments, Coatings, Dental, Glass Interleavants, Inks, Medical and much more.

Tha aim of this project was to create an ‘umbrella’ identity under which their existing product brands of Colacryl®, Dianal, Elvacite® and Lucite® could sit. Knowing that the name ‘Lucite International Speciality Polymers and Resins’ would not change it became clear that a typographic approach would make most sense.

The final solution relies on a defined hierarchy of the text elements, a very clear sans-serif fonts and a simple geometric grid system in which the typography can be separated. Thin lines were chosen to create a sense of precision, fine detail and engineering. This block system can also be easily manipulated to be used in different configurations – both linear and stacked – and to work very well against various colour/image backdrops. The various areas of expertise within Speciality Polymers and Resins were also colour coded to help delineate the separate sub-divisions of the company.


  • Manufacturing & Industrials
  • Chemical


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