Tweed Valley Bike Park

Conceptual ideas for proposed bike park

A key element of the Borderlands Growth Deal for the Scottish Borders is the development of the Tweed Valley Bike Park which is thought to be a global first in terms of combining tourism and innovation. An adventure bike park will deliver infrastructure to attract and sustainably manage visitors to the Scottish Borders.

The inspiration for this largely typographic treatment comes from the vernacular style used on both wool/cashmere bales and whisky barrels – specifically, the metal stencils used to brand these products. A vernacular style has a history and resonance within the Scottish Borders area and within Scotland as a whole.

Stencil typography has been used for centuries from the Metro system in Paris, the Royal Shakespeare Company and, of course, on shipping containers. The stencil font is more legible from a distance than most typefaces and they have an immediacy and a freshness which has always been appealing.


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